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2 Bin Recycle set - 55L Rectangular Pitch In. Stainless Steel

The 2 bin set is also a popular configuration.
Vinyl Labels for the recyclable groups are available but not included in the bin price.
The labels are sized to be located either on the top of the bin or the front whichever suits 
your application best.

Also available in a 3 bin set or 4 suit your needs.

Although the bins are intended to be nested with the long sides together if space is an issue then they
will nest just as well with the short sides together. In this configuration the Recycle labels would 
usually be fixed to the side of the bins for easy selection.

The dimensions of one bin are:
Height 66 cm
Width 38 cm
Depth 23 cm

A 2 bin Recycle station has a footprint of approx. 46 cm x 38 cm.


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